Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Say Anything But That Senator Biden!

"Foot in mouth" syndrome was bound to raise its ugly head in the 2008 elections. It does for every politician. But some elected officials, like Senator Joe Biden, are far too generously obliging a hungry public for statements bordering on stupidity.

On this occasion, Senator Biden decided to honor Senator Clinton. It was a campaign stump speech. Microphone in hand much like a hand grenade, does much damage if held too long. Enter Joe Biden. The proverbial know-it-all whose loquacious ramblings are his marqee signature, did it again.

A day after telling reporters that voting Governor Palin into office would be a step back for women in America, Senator Biden frantically re-assessed his statements. He over-compensated telling Obama supporters, the following day, that Hillary Clinton is exceedingly qualified to be President, Vice President, or anything else Washington has to offer. "

In fact, she is probably "more qualified than me," continued Senator Biden.

One wonders at what point Senator Biden began to sweat and lose confidence about his position on Senator Obama's ticket. Rudy Juliani called it, days before at the Republican Convention, rivetting America with a penetrating line about Senator Biden:

"Senator Biden better make sure he gets his Vice Presidential appointment in writing."

The crowd roared. Yet, the world listened. And apparently, Senator Biden listened all too well.

Days later, the Senator is amazingly at a rally flogging himself in contrast to the Hillary factor that could have elevated the Obama ticket.

Facts don't go unnoticed. The Obama-Biden ticket has been getting shellacked by "Hurricane" Sarah Palin for thirteen unrelenting days. Gallup, Fox, and Rasmussen polls have pivoted from Obama being up 3 to 5 points to McCain being up 3 to 5 points since the Palin choice. And the normally pugnacious and feisty Joe Biden is at a loss for words.

Except that he admits Hillary is more qualified that him to be Barak Obama's partner to take the White House.

So why is Senator Joe Biden cathartically confessing on national TV his lack of confidence before all of America sixty days before the election?

He's a liberal. Liberals can't help themselves. That's the short answer. Liberals have to find a way to project blame as times get difficult for themselves. Preparing for defeat instead of gearing up for victory is vintage American liberalism.

In addition, Super Nova Sarah has single-handedly sucked the emotions and energy from the high-flying Obama campaign. Senator Biden, even before Sarah Palin entered the race, saw the cracks in Obama-Biden. Biden's first clue had to be the national polls. Embarassingly, Biden handed Obama the "Biden dip" of two points instead of the traditionally expected "Biden bump" when Senator Biden was chosen to be Obama's running mate. Politicians, the caliber of Biden's, are aware of their polling numbers for sure.

Obama's judicious plan to amalgamate experience with his fresh-face charisma, at first exhibited a chimerra of safety. But with 9,000 vote tally toward his own anemic presidential campaign, Senator Biden, the sage, began to feel the heat in the kitchen. First, how was he to explain the dumping of Hillary and her 18 million voters for himself?

Secondly, how was Senator Biden going to eclipse Alaska's shooting star, Sarah Palin? Neither Senator Biden nor his sagacious advisers, have a clue as how to handle Sarah Palin. Nor can the Biden or Obama camp state with a straight face that the dumping of Hillary overboard with her 18 million energized voters was highly intelligent.

Out of his league, Senator Biden, apparently recognizes what Americans have known already. The Senator should not have been Senator Obama's choice for Vice President. The lady with 18 million votes was far more attractive a partner.

The Obama race has turned a bit night-marish. And Biden is now forced to concoct excuses, explanations, and reasons for the difficulties the campaign faces. Joe Biden is certainly a first rate liberal. Look at how Biden responds to adversity. He conjures up excuses instead of fighting through failure.

Don't blame me. I didn't choose myself for this position. Senator Obama's judgment, not mine, should be questioned. Hillary unequivocally is the better candidate. She would have been my choice for sure. If anything, I should be her Vice President and Obama should wait until his turn.

How propitious a moment that Senator Biden prop his imaginary feet upon America's imaginary couch confessing to us all of his own redoubt as a central cast player in Senator Obama's bid for power. Is there any dog in America that has the ability to roll over and play dead as easily as Biden?

The scandal here is not that Senator Biden thinks he is not the most qualified individual for the job of vice president. Hillary knows he is not. Democrats are not motivated by Biden. And Joe Biden isn't sure either about the choice. But the real foopah is Senator Biden's cogent apology for being the dud candidate forced to acquire the mantle of VP. Rule #1 or #23 in high stake politics is don't let them see you sweat.

Obama must be wondering how he will win in November with "foot in mouth" Biden. Maybe Juliani is right. Biden ought to get his VP nomination in writing. Even Biden believes Hillary would make a better VP than himself.

Could that be the reason that Senator Obama entreated Senator Hillary Clinton this past week to a two hour lunch?

Monday, September 08, 2008

When Fashion & Politics Collide?

Did the Beach Boys missed it? "California Girl" may have to be re-written in light of America's newest girl in town. Lyricist, Brian Wilson may have "been all round this great big world and seen all kind of girls", but shouldn't there be a couple of new lines added about those girls from Alaska?

New fever in town...Sarah Fever...neither the Obama campaign, the media, nor the American public can quite get enough of this Alaskan Governor.

The upswept hair, designer glasses, and straight-talking sports-loving, PTA mother of five turned Governor is overshadowing the pretentiously pitiful Hollywood elite stories of Spears, Lohan, Hilton, Timberlake, and O.J. And this time...

This time its a real hero...for real Americans. Enter Sarah Palin. It begins with a small-town story in the far reaches of American empire.

Little girl who hunts, fishes, and fears nothing becomes beauty queen contestant, sportscaster, wife, and mother of five. In her spare time, she runs for City Council, Mayor, and is appointed to the Alaskan Commission on Oil & Gas for ethics reform. Gun-toting and hockey-playing mother then blows the whistle on the entire Republican hierarchy in Alaska. She resigns her post. Sarah loses a race for Lieutenant Governor in 2002. Then she overruns Governor Murkowski in a Republican primary and wins the general election race in 2006.

She says "No" to the "Bridge to Nowhere". Slashes budgets, fires personnel, and gives Alaskans back the surplus that accrues in Junea.

Guns, babies, and Jesus--this is chic? Hollywood missed it. But heartland Americans see the glamor. And they see the girl next door. She is both-isn't she?

The moment Senator McCain chose Governor Palin, cultural life was re-affirmed for millions of Americans. It came out of nowhere. Consider the effects of this visceral connection Sarah Palin has with the American people:
  • Those glasses she wears-they will be the rage
  • Upswept hair of Sarah's will be insatiable as husbands and boyfriends tell their better half how much she reminds them of Sarah
  • Alaska's tourism will explode--more upstart hunters, fishermen, wild gamesmen will join the hunt for the real American up there
  • Sarah's hometown, Wacilla, will get royal treatment. Princess Di is popular. Wacillians will wonder what on earth the lower 48 are doing flying to their hometown in some weird mystical journey.
  • Sarah look-alike contests will pop-up
  • "Palin Power" products will be licensed and sell all across the country
  • Books describing Sarah of all kinds will find themselves on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc...flying off the shelves to top ten status

While liberals are waking up in cold sweats attempting to control the flood damage, Sarah Palin is cris-crossing the nation creating a brand name that may become unparalleled in crossover appeal from the good ole boy politics into the forrays of American iconic culture. Mothers, daughters, and a huge swath of Americans are seeing the American we love in the face of Sarah Palin. Millions will be devoted admirers, for years to come, of this strong woman who maintains her feminine qualities while "fighting the good fight."

The net effect: purchase, consume, distribute Palin product to all. Selling and purchasing is what we Americans do well when we celebrate. The writing is on the wall. A new hero has been born. The Governor looks to have staying power. Its time to brand and license the newest and growing American icon--

When John McCain was asked what his favorite song was:

"Bomb...Bomb....Bomb............Bomb...Bomb....Iran" responded the Senator in a jovial manner in parody of one of his favorite songs---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Baran---courtesy of the Beach Boys.

Since Senator McCain has given us all renewed interest in the Beach Boys, surely the Beach Boys wouldn't mind returning the favor by minting a revised edition of California Girl" to include Alaska Girls, right?

Move over Barbie. You've had fifty years as America's girl. Its Sarah's turn.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Which America Do We Want?

She came. She saw. She conquered.

Palin Power has been catapulted to the national stage. Governor Palin has thrust a stiletto drawing political blood from Senator Obama and Senator Biden's campaign. Out of nowhere, Senator McCain has been transformed from stranger to hero amongst conservatives.

Moderates are smitten by the girl from Alaska.
And what about liberals? They are running for the hills. Just as Ali's punishing defeat of Foreman in the 1973 "Thrilla' of Manilla", so to Senator Obama appears destined for the "Thrilla in Wasilla". The Mayor of only 6,000 people and 15 employees has responded forcefully to the Senator's lack of experience claim.

So what is so attractive about this Governor from Alaska?

She is tough. She can throw a punch. She can take one. She is us. Mother of five who loves life, loves her husband, and loves America. She embodies what we love about America. More opportunity, more hope, less government, less spending, less corruption, less waste...and then there's the guns, babies, & Jesus element that connects with average Americans.

Liberals and Democrats are elitist enough to consider these values rather arcane. Where Obama would tax; she would hand the money back to those who earned it. Where Obama wants more programs, Palin cuts waste, fraud, and corruption. Where Obama flies private jets, Palin sells jets on Ebay to give money back to the people. Where Senator Obama allows remains quiet while babies are born in hospitals and left to die, Governor Palin nurtures life in and outside the womb. Many Americans are re-thinking the race. Americans are captivated. It is not too descriptive to state that many Americans feel politically "born again" with hope for the country.

The parched trail of political irresponsibility that Republicans and Democrats have left Americans with since Gingrich's "Contract with America" has made Americans appreciate what little they see in the girl from Alaska. Only one question remains: will it be Sarah's America of reform or Obama's America of change that wins out in 60 days?

America's New Girl?

It was the morning after as the political stileto drew political blood from the Obama campaign. The unassuming girl from Alaska, had won the hearts of Americans.

America is a good place. The people want smaller and more accountable government. Palin represents the values of both. How long has it been since we have seen a Republican embody both values?

Governor Palin's indictment of Senator Obama's sparse record resonated well.

Authentic beliefs are apparently important to middle class Americans. The gun-packing mother invaded the lives of average Americans. Politically "born again", American spirits across the nation were lifted from the parched wilderness of Republican land.

What are Americans seeing? Giddy moms saw mother of five, keeper of husband, and activist in community expound her ideas through "real talk".

Husbands watched a reflection of the best the female gender has to offer. Some saw the strength of their mother. Others, the tenacity of the sister. Other husbands saw glimpses of their wives asserting strength and feminism in a rhapsody of eloquent grace.

Senator McCain's record and character have teamed up with no-nonsense Sarah Palin. And as Governor Palin addressed the crowd with surgical precision, her words exposed the paltry experience and record of Senator Obama.

In a whirlwind of 5 days, conservatives have found a hero. Centrist women have found a life-long friend. Liberals have met their nemesis, and need pyschotherapy.

The Ronald Reagan revolution has been re-launched.

If liberals wanted a popularity contest, Senator McCain has countered. McCain is now the "coolest" guy in the race. Why? He has the babe as his VP. Palin is Reagan's political child. The reincaration of the venerable and dusty ideas are being resurrected.

Is it possible that for the first time in American history Americans will go to the voting booth because of a Vice Presidential choice?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

American Political Revolution

Beyond all odds are two presidential campaigns, Senator Obama's and Senator McCain's, that remain standing after 18 months of incessant campaining.

How else to describe America's two major parties nominating Senator Obama and Senator McCain to their Presidential tickets? The juggernaut Clinton team vaunted and unbeatable faced South Side Chicago talent promoting "Change you Can Believe In". Obama's long shot bid ends on top. Change defeated Senator Clinton.

McCain, hardly the favorite of Republicans, in a strange turn of electoral primary politics found himself dashing to the nomination as Romney, Juliani, Thompson, and Huckabee traded blows until each ran out of money or votes. Left standing- the Maverick McCain. Out in the cold, all the wannabe conservatives that split the votes.

Democrats conquered the world with their post-racial candidate. Republicans promised to stay home and lose-until Sarah Palin showed up.

How do we handicap the race now? McCain stunningly bolts ahead of Obama in the polls by 2-3 points post DNC and RNC conventions with Sarah Palin added to the ticket. McCain leads bellwhether Ohio by 7 points. Florida is tied. And Pennsylvania is slightly Obama's to win.

Republicans are now promising to rally each other to the polls. Reagan's political legacy, Sarah Palin, has to be protected and nurtured for four years. Obama supporters are wringing their hands at the Biden VP choice knowing that 18 million Hillary supporters are as disenchanted as the Republicans were prior to Sarah Palin's arrival to the McCain ticket.

Obama, the outsider, promises change with the ultimate insider, Joe Biden. John McCain, the 28 year insider, promises reform with the ultimate outsider, Sarah Palin.

If Americans are not mesmerized enough yet by the multiplicity of ironies embodied by both campaigns, eight more weeks is plenty to conjure up more of the same.

Huckabee on Taxes