Saturday, October 28, 2006

The"Fool's Gold" Congress

What kind of legislation should a counterfeit Congress introduce and pass 32 days before mid-term elections? Answer: a bill that gets them re-elected even though the bill is "Fool's Gold!"

Is there any terrorist organization or illegal alien that does not know how to cross America's southern borders yet? With 11 million illegal aliens having broken American laws, and terrorists eyeing America’s homeland for perpetual attack, Americans are mystified by their elected leaders who have done zero to shut down the illegal traffic across the borders in the last five years.

But with 32 days left and Republicans in trouble in the polls across the country, the Hail Mary pass has been made. The Senate passed counterfeit legislation bound for President Bush’s desk that targets 700 miles of southern border. Its design is masterful. Its effect is “fool’s gold”. Its design is two-fold:

1) to allow illegal aliens to rush the borders safely without getting caught
2) to pretend that elected officials are protecting American borders from terrorism and illegal immigration when in fact they have no intention to do so

President Fox of Mexico declares of this putrid bill, “It will never work.”

Fox is more right that maybe he even knows. As President Fox arms his citizens with maps, supplies, and welfare-busting tactics to invade America, Americans wallow with a pretend border bill to win votes. The pretend 700 mile border illusion makes our politicians look like they are getting down to work for the American people until you look at the detailed facts:

* Only 30% of the entire southern border is even addressed with the bill
* Even a smaller fraction of the 30% has any money in the bill for funding

Why does the Republican led Congress apparently want to pull the wool over the eyes of American voters? Haven’t most Americans have spoken about border protection? They want border protection yesterday? Instead,
elected officials concoct a pig slop of a bill that has no teeth, little funding, and no hope to curb illegal immigration or stop Al Quaeda’s dirty bombs that might cross our borders..

If President Bush signs the paltry bill, its use will be useful for campaign rhetoric alone. The bill will do nothing to protect America at the borders. But it will protect the jobs of Congressmen and Sentators groveling for votes.

Congressmen will come back to their districts campaigning their hearts out to get re-elected. They will say that America is safer. They will say 700 more miles of the southern border will be fenced soon. But little do these politicians let you know the devilish details. And the details are not pretty. Like an old woman who has been sold swamp land in Florida, the American electorate will know that they have been duped by this counterfeit Congress concerning their security again.

Questions for the Senate remain: Why pass a border bill that you cannot fund fully and immediately? And if your bill isn’t going to stop the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda or illegal aliens one iota from invading the Rio Grande, New Mexico, Arizona, or California, then why deceive the American people about it? Its to get re-elected; that's the fool's gold truth!

Re-election means politicians have to anything, including deceive the people into thinking that politicians are actually doing something to make the people safer, even though these elected officials have no intention of doing so. LBJ and “Gulf of Tonkin”, Teddy Roosevelt and “The Maine”, President Bush #43 and Iraq were birthed with rose-colored promises that viciously hoodwinked the citizenry. Will this bill be any different?

Be assured: it’s a hoodwink. It looks a whole lot like what Americans want. But it extends insecurity across our land, since it is neither funds a fence nor builds a fence to cover the length of our borders as needed.

Its a pitiful statement when elected officials care more about getting re-elected than accomplishing their constitutional duty. It is even more appalling that President Bush does not act like a commander-in-chief to defend the Constitution of the United States by issuing an immediate executive order to shut down all flow of illegal traffic into America.

Will the American people put up with a counterfeit Congress that parades a “fool’s gold” border security bill? In just a few days we will find out what kind of courage and mood the voters in America are in, when they cast their votes for or against the fools in Congress that play games with our security.

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