Sunday, April 19, 2009

President Obama Transforming America

Only a few apt citizens saw Obama transforming the American nation into an experimental guinnea pig of sovereignty reduction. His penchant for global hob-nobbing comes naturally. Sniling and shaking hands with leftists, President Obama is bringing home to roost the convictions of his heart.

Harold Hongju Koh, Dean of Yale Law School, has been appointed as top legal adviser at The State Department. Koh is only one of dozens of new legal scholars chipping away at Americanism, American laws, jurisprudence, culutre, American legislation, and and the Consitition's legislative process.

What better way is there? Koh's legal theories are tied closely to the way of Europe's Democratic Socialists and America's left-wing tenured Pharisaical university professors across America.

Much like President Obama, Koh is a well spoken mild-mannered scholar. But beneath the surface appearance lays some of the outrageous designs that Koh and his early mentors have for America.

Just as Frank Marshall Davis, an outright and avowed Communist, was an early mentor to President Obama, Koh has Louis Sohn. Who exactly was Lewis Sohn?

Sohn was a world federalist. Sohn fought his entire career to subordinate America's legal system to international law. Lewis Sohn, an academic and international lawyer, taught Koh about international law. Sohn was a major figure in crafting global constitutions for international affairs.

As Cliff Kincaid has noted in his relevant research, "World Peace through World Law" was the accumulation of Sohn's ideas about America and international laws. Sohn wanted to transform the UN into a world government with nuclear weapons, armed forces, etc..Sohn said the purpose was to disarm each and every nation and to repress world violence. In addition, this global dictatorship would formulate a UN Revenue System like the IRS to collect taxes from American citizens for global purposes.

Having come to pass, the Law of Sea Treaty, which binds Americans to international treaties instead of it's own interests, was a work of Sohn's in it's early days.

Koh's international legal mentor, included other American subservient propositions to a UN organized government.

UN Outer Space Authority to regulate outerspace

World Development Authority ie..Obama spending a trillion $$

International Judicial Tribunals to try citizens in the world

International Peace Force of 200 to 400 thousand forces and a reserve force of 300 to 600 thousand forces;

Sohn supported the UN having the globalized peace force that would have the most modern warfare capabilities. America was expected to hand over it's arsenal of weaponry to the UN so that the UN would manage the affairs of the world for the benefit of the global citizenry.

Kincaid said, "This is consistent with Obama's approach to subsume America's sovereignty for the greater good of the world to a world body."

America has a leading role in the international affairs of the 21st century. That role should be expressed as a beacon of light as a "shining city upon a hill".

The seductive attempt at forcefully gathering nations around a world camp fire to sing songs and hold hands as wealthy nations are looted and castrated from their wealth is a recipe for disaster.

The Realists of the globe are cognizant of the power structures globally that will fight the ultimate UN

Even so, only 2 Republicans voted against Hillary as Secretary of State. Only 21 votes against Eric Holder as Attorney General. Neither of whom see American sovereignty as clearly defined as most Americans do. This alone is not good news.

As the State Department fills with Obama's Dream Team of World Federation disciples, will the Constitution have any meaning when President Obama finishes with America?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Do Americans Think?

Fort Lauderdale, not a bastion of conservative thought, had it's citizens speak out concerning the irresponsible spending, fiscal deficits, outrageous national debt, and the bail outs:

How Much Will Global Warming Cost Us?

How Much Will Global Warming Cost Us?

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