Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who Will Win Space War I

Have we been fooled again? Americans in particular, who believe that the "war on terror" is the gravest threat to American security in the years to come. Was it not President GW Bush who stated, "Depending on what we do in Iraq, the west hangs in the balance"?

Surely a bit of zealous overkill, wouldn't you say?

Indeed, isn't the grave threat to American security interests to be found in the race taking place in outerspace? Don't most Americans believe that we won the Sputnik race; flag on moon, Neil Armstrong, Apollo, Columbia, Challenger, etc...?

Take note:

  • Beijing shocked the world by being the first Asian nation to place astronauts into orbit in 2003
  • Early 2007 the Chinese military blasted to pieces from earth an orbiting satelite 200 plus miles into space
  • The Chinese military space program is mapping the moon as we speak
  • President Clinton's 8 years watched untold top-secret levels of military information disappear into Chinese hands
  • The Chinese leaders boast that August 2008 will reveal special rockets specifically designed to alter the weather and disperse rain clouds
  • The Chinese military has acquired stealth-like submarines virtually undetectible, according to American naval officials
  • The Chinese military leadership remains deeply covert and non-sharing concerning its capabilities, designs, and logistics
  • The Chinese military is designing first strike capabilities to render U.S. satelite, global mapping, and hi-tech communications impotent
  • Chinese military budgets are growing by 10 to 12% annual pace; on the books- off the books no doubt this number is much larger

Meanwhile...Tokyo has already floated four military satelites orbiting the earth. Lunar modules are being prepared this month for space mapping and a soon to be moon walk in just a number of years. The articles of Japan's Constitution are being prepared to be re-written to allow a beefed up defense of the nation...nuclear defense. With Kim Jong I'll's South Korea floating missiles over the Sea of Japan and Beijing remembering the rape of Nanking during WWII, the world's 2nd largest economy is preparing for the Information War as Tokyo jockeys for space supremacy itself.

The race to the North Pole is on again. While the Phutin's Russia is planting titanium flags on the floor of the North Pole claiming the territory and firing their longest and most accurately tested ICBM's during Bush's second term in office, Americans are pursuing SDI for Europe and America.

While American astronauts are flying drunk and wearing diapers in bizarre cross-country love feuds, the military and space programs of the Indians, Malaysians, Taiwanese, and the others mentioned above are circling the earth with new-found wealth and technology. Such are the days we live in...military challengers are laying the groundwork for a new war.

Space War I...galactic lasers, satelite defense systems, laser-like offensive weapons all hundreds of miles above the earth drawing humanity again...into war??? It was President Wilson who sacrificed American GI's, 250,000 of them, stating that WWI was the war to end all wars. Sounds rather foolish today, doesn't it? War is likely. Yet, it doesn't have to be so in our generation!

Was it not Margaret Thatcher's comments that appropriately recorded that President Reagan "won the Cold War without ever firing a shot"?

Perhaps it is President Reagan's ideas that can once again come alive as America fights to secure the Republic for generations to come in Space War I. Maybe renewing our schools to science and math as Eisenhower did and commiting America's resources to the Star Trek frontier as Reagan did, America can win the new war- the Space War.

And even better yet-maybe the next win can be Reagan-like- winning Space War I without a shot being fired.

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