Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why Fred Thompson Appeals To Conservatives

Why I Like Fred!
I must establish up front that it’s not for my dislike of other candidates that I’ve chosen to support Fred, (except Ron Paul…what a Jackass), and it’s not that the other candidates (except for notes Ron Paul exception) aren’t qualified…I just like Fred.

Liberals and Prostitutes

There they go again those LBJ type liberals on the campaign trail: John Edwards, Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton, Richardson, etc…telling unsuspecting Americans that they deserve better. Every hard working American deserves- deserves- deserves:

new programs, new prescription plans, better social security, better this, better that, better, better, better, betttttterrrrr, beetttttttteeeerrrrrr EVERYTHING!!! etc…

Liberals tell everyone who succeeds in America to line up against the wall and bend over...each successful person should begin feeling guilty...guilty about what???...guilty about being more successful than others who don’t have that much. Have you ever seen a liberal wholeheartedly embrace capitalism, free markets, and celebrate the millions of Americans succeeding in the marketplace?

Of course not! Liberals are too busy playing God and Robinhood stealing from any who have a whiff of success...liberals are no different than the Mussolini's and Mao Tse Tungs of the 20th century. Both men wanted equal outcomes. Liberals in America fell over each other admiring the systems these men used to create collectivism, socialism, and communalistic policies.

Liberals can't applaud success, capitalism, and wealth creation in America...Liberals would no longer be needed if they applauded such virtues. Liberals prefer to destroy success, eliminate incentives, and eliminate our freedoms so they can be Saviours of the world.

Liberals spew their “Two America” speech and “It Takes a Village” theme…the haves versus the have nots…the deserving versus the undeserving…all class warfare drummed up by deceitful liberal politicians.

Liberals, strange as it sounds, want poverty, paycheck to paycheck Americans, recessions, failures, bankruptcies, foreclosures etc...such an impoverished America gives liberals gloating rights to tell Americans "I told you that you weren't smart enough- I told you you weren't good enough- I told you that you weren't strong enough to overcome failure by yourself. I told you that you needed our help!!! Sounds like great patriots, those liberals-right?

And what of those 70% of Americans who have acquired wealth through hard work??? They should hide under a rock for being successful.

Forget the record 4.5% unemployment in America today??? Forget record stock market highs, record home ownership, record small businesses, record educational grants, scholarships, etc…these are the enemies of democrats and liberals alike. After all, what need is there for liberals if Americans are succeeding in life without their polices?

The dark secret is that most of us on a bad day have considered liberal ideas. Maybe I do deserve better? Maybe I could use the help from Uncle Sam? Maybe life hasn’t been all that fair? Maybe a little help from Washington wouldn’t hurt, right? Then the guilt sets in…

I realize that liberals are no different than prostitutes on the streets. Liberals act like prostitutes. They talk like prostitutes. And their results are no different than prostitutes.

Liberals propose sweet ideas. Like an alluring prostitute who waits for the unsuspecting guy to drive by that street corner, liberal orators lure citizens on televisions, newspaper articles, internet websites, town hall meetings, etc…prepared to brainwash hard-working Americans with seductive want-to-be-true ideas. These liberals salivate at making Americans more dependent on big government much the way LBJ’s Great Society and FDR’s New Deal did.

Liberals like prostitutes are seductive, dangerous, and promising of rewards. In the end, both have a way of destroying everything about a man’s life if he partakes. Consider the following:

Does not a prostitute promise to relieve you of your problems (at least for a while)?
Liberals promise the same thing, if you elect them.

Doesn’t the prostitute make the entire affair seem so easy, effortless, and helpful?
Liberals promise to make your life so much easier as you depend them to solve your problems through big government.

Will not the prostitute perform any act, in any position, and say anything to get her money.
The liberal just to get your vote will say, play and act any way you want him to.

When the prostitute finishes with you, you wonder how you could have fallen for such foolishness that you should have run from.
When the liberal finishes with you, you wonder how you could have been so foolish to think that liberals could have solved your problems with big government ideas.

So for those moments that my heart jumps at the illusion that some flattering liberal Senator or Congressman will make my life better with big government…I have learned the following:

Just like prostitutes liberals promise a version of heaven...15 seconds of pure heaven…but the results poison work ethic, family bonds, and good citizenry.

The liberals of 21st century America have prostitution down to a science. They promise more benefits; but they deliver entitlement, dependency, and huge debts saddling hard-working Americans with more rules, more taxes, and more un-kept promises.

They pretend to know how to help us…but instead liberals go about dismantling the work ethic that has made America great.

So the next time we hear John Edwards talk about his "Two Americas", Hillary talk about her "It Takes a Village" and "We're All In It Together", or Obama's "Let's unify" and "We can do better" routine, remember the prostitute's promises and the destructive results!!!

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