Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Three Quarters of a Trillion $ & Counting

Three quarters of a trillion dollars later prosecuting George Bush's war, and we have Secretary of Defense Robert Gates with cup in hand pleading before the U.S. Senate for 42 billion$ more to fund the war in Iraq for the remainder of the year. Nearly 10% of the entire national debt at 8.9 trillion$ will have been placed on the backs of American citizens-

Fiscal insanity has set in. Printing presses run wildly. Democrats have not the guts to say "No" to defunding the war, though they believe Americans swept them into office to end Gulf War II. Cut back spending? Not on your life- every Democrat has every intention of expanding government programs across the land-whether we like it or not.

What about Republicans? Have they not played Benedict Arnold toward the American people? The party of Taft, Goldwater, and Reagan have abandoned the financial responsible ship becoming irresponsibly complicit with their donkey friends racking up more debt in six years than all the debt accumulated from the first 200 years of this nation. Nearly 10% of the nine trillion dollar debt has been racked up by Bush's liberal "global crusade" for freedom in six years.

The President describes himself as a "compassionate conservative." Yet, how different is President Bush's record to that of LBJ's "Guns and Butter" campaign that shoved down the American people's throats war in Vietnam and war on poverty? Didn't LBJ promise to win the Vietnam War and erradicate poverty-neither which has come true? Didn't Bush #43 promise to win the "war on terror" while spoonfeeding Kennedy-like prescription bills and No Child Left Behind bills to the American people to keep them silent strapping the citizens with 9 trillion dollars in debt instead of the 5 trillion he came into office with?

How different is Bush's Education Department to Jimmy Carter's Education Department of 1977? Whereas Reagan sought to abolish Carter's famed Department of Education because of waste, government control, and inefficiency, George Bush #43 heralded the enlargement of federal bureacracy- more employees, greater regulation, greater tax dollars, and anemic scores in a one size fit all program. If this is fiscal conservativism, who needs the likes of Ted Kennedy, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and Reed?

Where are the Andrew Jackson's, Harding's, and Coolidge's of America? These were great presidents, contrary to popular belief.

Didn't Warren Harding spearhead a return to prosperity championing tax cuts, paying down the debt, and restraining "The Great Leviathan" with a new Bureau of Budget? So vital was the Bureau of Budget, that President Harding had Charles Dawes report directly to the President about the slashing of government spending and eliminating waste in government. Was Harding not "elected on a platform calling for cutbacks in government?" (Sobel R., Coolidge p. 225)

President Harding hastened America's global crediblity. With Charles Dawes appointed as the ax man Congressional officials were put on notice as Harding "promoted thrift, economy, and efficiency." Dawes succeeded. And Americans were grateful.

And dare we forget President Harding's courage six weeks before election in 1924? The "Bonus Bill" giving billions of dollars to WWI American soldiers was vetoed by President Harding. The reason given? Such a give-away "would be a disaster to national finances" placing America in further debt. Harding risked everything for the principle of financial responsibility, an "America First" attitude.

What of Calvin Coolidge's record, his successor in 1924? Mr. small government himself managed to captain American prosperity, limit federal government involvment in the lives of our citizens. "Lower taxes and reduced government spending..." was President Coolidge's mantra. Politicians did not like him. After all, less government means draining the swamp in Washington. Slashing of programs, departments, and jobs was his goal.

What historian ranks Coolidge highly? None. He purposefully exerted no grand ideas except to let Americans govern their own personal lives, while reducing their taxes and eliminating federal spending. Pretty boring stuff just the way Coolidge thought the presidency should be run.

"Boring character displayed in the long run outlasts what is temporarily spectacular," said Claude Fuess. Mr. Fuess was Mr. Coolidge's biographer. President Wilson's "bureaucracy gone mad" was remedied by "Silent Cal", the President whom historians will never highly regard because he imposed no great ideas or heavy yoke upon the American people-only a steady hand in a time of need.

History records that it was President Cooolidge who pounded away at liberals time and again with his "Government and Business" speech? Great ideas in New York produce capitalism, wealth, prosperity, and hope for all Americans. Big ideas in D.C. enslaves our citizens to centralized command and control policies - socialism, facism, and communism that are likely to destroy American ingenuity, prosperity, and hope. Limit D.C.; unleash New York. "America's business is business" said President Cooliddge.

George Bush, sadly enough, has masqueraded as a conservative to win votes. He has governed liberally to win his legacy. He will not be ranked with "Silent Cal" or even Harding who worked to reduce the size of government. Instead, Bush #43 will go down as the LBJ and Wilson of the 21st century having piled up more debt that the first 41 presidents of our nation combined.

Only one question remains for our republic:

Where will we find our next Andrew Jackson, Harding, or Coolidge that will fight the good fight reigning in the evils of spending?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Patriot's Coach Fumbles the Ball of Life?

Bill Belichek has won 3 Superbowls in the last 6 years. A genius by any account when it comes to football. And here we have the scandal of his life brewing. Cameras in the press box taking pictures of the other team's signals? He's caught red-handed. Is this what the genius coach will be remembered on earth for: as a cheater?

All's fair in love and war is the old saying. In war, the British broke the enigma codes with the Americans during WWII against the Germans which helped turn the tide of the war. We celebrate the heroic cracking of codes in war precisely because war is an issue of life, death, and freedom.

Football is neither about love or war; nor life, death or freedom. Its a game with rules meant to entertain us all on an even playing field. Yet, our age has watched the Barry Bonds, Sosa's, McGwire's, Ben Johnson's, (allegedly Lance Armstrong), and countless others wrecklessly abandoning integrity and honor for the easier road of cheating - just to get the slight advantage.

All men are created equal. But not all men forge character through decades of living. Can any of us imagine Tom Landry or Don Shula pulling a cheating stunt like that of Bellichek's?

Its far too easy to chalk this event up as just another incident of overzealous coaches or players looking for an edge. Though it is over-zealotry. It is also cheating. It is wrong. And now it must be explained to our children, our athletes, and aspiring coaches why Belichek's actions are wrong, even if the man had never been caught.

Courageous parents who believe honor and integrity are more important than winning at all costs will do the following:

We tell our children that breaking the rules (cheating) like Coach Bellichek is wrong. Your child will ask the proverbial question: "Why is it wrong?"

The only answer that carries any merit is as follows:

Son, cheating is wrong on tests, the football field, or anywhere else because you were created in the image of God. Therefore, your life in His image should reflect, not cheating, but honesty and integrity. Your mission on earth is to honor God through your life. This is true, son, even if it means you won't win the Superbowl.

To the rest of us adults the corollary that should follow-

To the man who climbs, cheats, and swears his way to the top:

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?"

If Mr. Belichek searches his soul before God, he would likely give up even his treasured Superbowls to regain the integrity and character that has been lost which will mark him for life.

Why Latinos Are Going Democrat?

Why should the Spanish vote go Democratic? It shouldn't.

Everything natural about Spanish families: work ethic, entrepenuership, faith in God, sanctity of life issues, and marriage issues point toward Republicanism. Yet, the 40% of votes that GW Bush received may well be the highwater mark for Republicans for decades to come.

What do the Dem's have working for them that steals the Latino vote from the natural home of the Republicans?

  • Immigration

  • Sanctuary Cities

  • Employer Sanctions

  • Health Care

  • Education

Every Democratic candidate running for President promises the following:

not to deport Spanish speaking people, not to shut the borders down, not to leave anyone uninsured (illegal or not), and to spend more on education (for legal or illegal citizens)-

Senator Harry Reid calls hard-working illegals "undocumented Americans". Nancy Pelosi declares those who cross the borders at night to be "Great citizens of humanity".

In a strange twist of fate, this Latino voting block is more Republican than most Republicans. After all, what Latino community in America is not defined deeply by their devotion to faith, family, marriage, sanctity of life, and a hard work ethic? Are these not the basic values Republicanism at the core? They certainly are not values of the Democrats.

These good people don't abort babies; they have large families. They don't look for handouts or excuses. They work grueling jobs. Spanish folks love family life, marriage, children- everything that Republicanism and traditional Americans value highly.

So why are Latinos en masse jumping ship that cast their votes with wishy washy liberal Democrats?

Republicans, outside of the Bush's Jeb & George, have made few strides to cast a big net capturing the hearts and minds of Latino citizens. Democrats, on the other hand, have promised welfare programs and the moon for Latinos including more government spending...but this is un-American.

The magic of the American republic has always been to assimilate the hard-working citizens of the world by promising an equal opportunity; not an equal outcome. Its the promise of hope and a future; not a government that will care for the social needs of the people. America is the land of personal freedom and liberty to faithfully pursue dreams, ambitions, and desires without red tape, bureacracy, and politicians getting in your way.

It was President Reagan who spoke about "Shining city on a hill" with its allure of prosperity, hope, and faith that so captured the imaginations of Americans. Work hard and aspire to be our best being proud to be American was his message. And let government do little for you, since you are capable of achieving the dreams God has placed in your heart.

Is this not the message every immigrant falls in love with when coming to our America?

Republicans & the Spanish Vote!

If you had asked my wife, the former President of the Southwest Broward Republican party, campaing manager for local Republicans in Miami, Davie point person for the re-election campaign for George Bush's 04 campaign in a part of South Florida, what is the one thing Republicans would have to do to win in the future, her answer was clear.

Win the hearts and minds of Spanish citizens.

A political health checkup ought to scare any GOP voter. With mastermind Karl Rove out of picture, the President in lame duck mode, and Jeb gone from Florida, whatever inroads for the Spanish vote made during 2000 and 2004 election cycles, are quickly vanishing.

When Univision in Miami decided to have a Spanish American Presidential debate recently. Did the Democrats show up? Every single one of them. The Socialist Queen indicated, "it was a great privilege" to be before the Spanish constituency. Barak Obama stated "it was an opportunity" to reach another group of Americans in the political process. The other Democratic candidates groveled before the Miami crowd wholeheartedly promising to retain the illegal aliens in America rather than deport them. Maybe this is un-American? But it is effective for a democratic primary. Maybe even a general election?

And what about the Republicans? John McCain accepted the invitation to debate the critical issues important to Spanish constituents. Stunningly, not another Republican candidate dared to face the fire before these Americans. Need we ask what the legitimate reasons were for choosing not to show up in a Spanish forum? Of course, Republicans would have to speak about immingration, healthcare, and education- the very issues most important to the Spanish constituency and the achilles heel of these Republican candidates who remain flat-footed on these important issues.

How many of our Spanish brothers and sisters are there in the Unitied States? Can you say 44 million? Although Bush #43 received over 40% of this vote as a compassionate conservative, it is likely this number will plummet into the 20's.

What will be the effect in November 2008? Game - set - match for the elephants fighting for lower taxes, lower government intrusion, limited spending, and securing the borders.

No party can win without evenly dividing this crucially important voting block of constituents. And the Republicans candidates aren't even giving the time of day to the surging and sophisticated block of voters. Didn't George Bush need chads to win even though he had a huge 44% of Spanish voting block? What are Republicans to do now winning only 25 to 30% of this vote? They going to watch the next inaugural address from home.

High taxes, open borders, weak defense, socialized medicine, alternative lifestyles, gay rights - is this the Socialist European model that awaits us all in our great Land of Liberty after November 2008?

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