Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Justice The Old Fashion Way

Four AM bachelor party, groom with four buddies, and a New York City night club apparently caught the attention of an undercover police officer. Suspects were asked to identify themselves. The groom and his buddies did what any civic-minded citizens would do.

As taught in all good American civic courses, one of the suspects yelled, “Get the gun from the car!” Any officer trying to do his job would appreciate such extreme compliance from upstanding citizens as these?

And then when the groom and his buddies quickly scampered into said vehicle, the suspects kindly accelerated their vehicle targeting and striking the law enforcement officer twice in Operation RunOver and Getaway?

What reward did the saintly acolytes receive for their decision to threaten and run over a law enforcement officer? Fifty bullets fired by four police officers into the assault and get-away vehicle.

Its always impressive when upstanding citizens threaten police officers with a gun battle, isn’t it? Its even more impressive when such citizens pretend to be gangsters and use their vehicle to strike a police officer down.

And say it isn’t so- that the pontiff savior Reverend Sharpton of black America shows up on his high horse demanding justice be administered against blond-haired blue-eyed devils for the brutal crime?

Had the Reverend Al Sharpton had been the police officer police officer in question who was abused, threatened, and struck down by thugs; I wonder if he would have emptied the cartridges in his pistol in 6 seconds and reloaded again to fire?

Or would the honorable Reverend have sought to convene a summit with said thugs about their bad behavior? Or maybe the Reverend would have chosen to hide behind the nearest garbage can hoping to get out of the entire affair alive?

Fifty bullets sprayed inside a get-away vehicle produced one dead and a totaled car. Justice was served the old fashioned way. No police officer should face malevolence of this sort and not respond with deadly force. If upstanding citizens choose to be stupid, then let the wrath of Revelation fall upon them.

Any man threatening to pull his gun out in front of law enforcement is no different than the man who claims to have a bomb in his suitcase at the airport? Both have to be subdued as quickly as possible and eliminated if necessary.

And what if any officer on the scene had only fired one bullet into the manslaughter vehicle? That officer should be suspended pending better training. Why? An officer must shoot to kill; not wound. And if the shooting starts, it can't end until the officers win the shootout.

The moral of the story is quite clear:

Obey law enforcement directives before you find yourself at your funeral instead of your wedding!

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