Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Is He Reading?

So exactly what is the President of the United States saturating his mind with during his spare time?

Reading is apparently one of his continued disciplines, so he tells us. The seductive read "The Post-American World" was apparently a favorite of Obama's on the 2008 campaign trail as he machinated on clever ideas to defang American power that is projected across the globe.

At the 2009 "Summit of the Americas" where an alliance of South American and Central American nations had been formed to counter the economic and military strength of the United States, Socialist-types headlining the annual event included:

Daniel Noriega: former Communist Leader duly elected as President of Nicaragua

Evo Morales: leftist leaning Bolivian President incentivizing the manufacture of narcotics for distribution

Lulu: Brazilian Prime Minister who "blames the blond-haired blue-eyed caucausian" for the financial destruction across the globe.

Raul Castro: brother of Fidel, who enacted the Romantic Revolution of 1959 stomping out liberty and free market economics creating a 3rd world banana republic

Chavez: Venezuelan President who nationalized the oil industry and shut down opposition media outlets across the country

It is here that President Obama found his newest friends to play with. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, provided President Obama a copy of "The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent".

This same Venezuelan President scorned Americas's poliicies two years ago at the UN and lambasted President Bush as being the devil who left his sulfur smelling residue at the very lecturn Chavez was using.

President Obama proudly received his new friend's book. "With Great Affection", Chavez smiled with Obama for the cameras with book exchanging hands. Castigating America as a bully, the book accuses the United States of conspiring and destroying Latin American nations over the course of the 20th century.

The rest of the world has already received an apology for America's very existence by the President of the United States. How could President Obama leave Hugo Chavez without a personal apology for America's intrusive Latin America role? If not an apology, how about a kiss on the hand half-bowed to the ground exhibiting solace and humility for America's unkind role.

Chavez lectured UN officials two years ago to read Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival". Why not? Chomsky, famous for building a career on destroying American prestige, holds America culpable for imperial policies across the globe.

Foreign leaders blaming America for the domestic woes they encounter is good politics apparently.

Chavez might have good reason for hoping that President Obama will grovel once again toward the self-proclaimed leader of the Latin American nations. Has not Chavez watched the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, be summarily back-handed by the President of the United States, who we are told was overly exhausted to convene a meeting with America's closest overseas ally?

But Gordon Brown's problem may be more that he didn't wear a turbin, and of course, that his English roots are of course--too English?

Within 24 hours of President Obama gleefully receiving and affirming the leftist book from Chavez, the book shot to the #2 position on the NY Times Bestseller list.

Is this not the same Chavez who had two years earlier stood in the United Nations calling President Bush a devil while holding in his elevated hand before UN delegates one of Noam Chomsky's books about American neo-colonial power? It was Chomsky, the university professor, who has criticized America's constant war-mongering around the globe, as brutish force gone bad.

According to an AP report:

Not to be outdone by any Latin American writer, speculation has run deep that President Obama's two highly acclaimed memoirs have been written by none other Bill Ayers. Though Obama didn't write these books, he is central to the casting of these rambling pieces capturing snapshot images of the world in which he lives.

Of course, Senator Obama was sporting a copy of Fareed Zakaria's book in May 2008 during the presidential campaign called "The Post-American World".

Connecting the dots hardly poses any mystery. Early childhood influences including the Communist Marshall, who helped shape Obama's ocialist leanings upon entering college. We are left with none of Barack Obama's writings from his college days mysteriously. Is it not strange that we are given over to believe that Barack Obama before the age of 45 produced not just one, but two memoirs, about his life? Yet, do we find anything during his Harvard Law Review days showing any propensity whatsover toward the kind of writing that would attract audiences?

Didn't it take Churchill two world wars and grey hair to have anything worth writing about? Didn't Bill Clinton churn out 700 plus pages at least after he had accomplished something as the President?

What should we make of President Obama sitting under the teachings of Reverend Wright for twenty years, learning from the Communist Marshall, listening to Bill Ayers, and making nice with the Castro brothers, Chavez, parts of the Taliban, and paying homage to the Arab and Islamic world?

It would be rather surreal to find the current President actually defending the United States in front of world leaders. That's not his style. Kissing the hand of world leaders and promising to defang the United States is more President Obama's style.

Nonethless, wouldn't it have been nice to have seen President Obama hand Chavez "Wealth and Poverty" by Gilder? Or how about "The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek? Or Adam Smith's classic: "The Wealth of Nations"? --- But then again, maybe President Obama should take to reading the literary works which have prospered the West and America in particular before handing them to a leftist?

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